Collaboration not Competition


I had an impromptu session with someone who was in town recently and it turned out to be one of the best times to learn how some people think. All the time spent together was nothing short of self-appraisal. I first wondered what the aim was….. to make him look better or to belittle who I am? This went on almost throughout the day until I thought I had just wasted precious hours of my life. It is very tempting as humans to want to focus on ourselves and neglect the person next to you.

A typical me would never attempt to compete with anyone. The only person I compete with is ME. The only reason I wake up and go out to hustle on the street is to constantly beat my own records which is why I collaborate externally and compete internally. What I have discovered is that everyone out there is a smart person but what is more painful is that people spend their time trying to impress and outsmart the next person. Life is not meant to live competing with people. I have been in meetings where simple ideas which could have been concluded and actions taken would linger on because everyone wanted to show how smart he was, the meeting ended in deadlock. This again is vanity.

Some people call it organisational politics, others may call it whatever name they wish but I believe every organisation needs to teach collaboration. Especially, if your organisation spends so much to hire premium people. Being dogmatic and bragging about how inflexible you are will neither help you nor your organisation to succeed. We are humans not robots. Working with people requires learning about them; what makes them tick, what is important to them or their business and then find a way to integrate their objectives with yours. This way, you will expend less energy to achieve your goals. It is not politics, it is COLLABORATION.

Individuals should learn to collaborate externally, this includes being FLEXIBLE enough to understand and accept other people’s ideas.

Start collaborating. Stop competing.

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