How I was robbed by my banks- @Hopefield_net


If I were to be a girl and experiencing these issues, I would probably have given up on dating or call all men stupid. I could imagine how it feels to be used by a man and eventually get dumped in the process. This was the case with Skye bank when our love story began back in the days. Skye Bank was my first love. You know that kind of relationship you enter without a purpose per se but you just had to continue because there was no other choice in view.

I opened my first bank account with Skye bank in Ife as a student of Obafemi Awolowo University. The bank didn’t try at all. The relationship was too parasitic and I felt like I was putting too much than I was getting. I could remember the days of illicit charges and unwarranted text messages. I could remember the days of long queues and unfriendly staff in the banking hall. Luckily, GT Bank came and I ended my relationship with Skye Bank. I made sure I retrieved all my savings (not so big though) from the bank and transferred everything to GT Bank. And since joining GT Bank in 2009, my life has never remained the same. I left Skye Bank for good and vowed never again will our paths cross.

Since 2009, I tried my best to avoid Skye Bank like plague. I ran anytime I see even their Automated Teller Machines. In 2013 after four years of being with GT Bank, I decided to double date and see how it feels having two people craving for your attention. I was again attracted to Diamond bank because of their dazzling colour and elegant buildings. I made myself available and was eventually wooed. I opened a second savings account just one year after. The groove made sense and I was enjoying the new life I found.

Without any prior notice, Skye Bank showed up. I was perplexed although very desperate not because GT Bank or Diamond Bank weren’t doing enough but because they were both unavailable. All ATMs at the time were temporarily unable to dispense cash and the only one in sight was Skye Bank. I tried to ignore the urge to go back to an old and forgotten affair but the urgency was overwhelming. I summoned courage and inserted my ATM card into the machine. The signs were there but I chose to ignore them and went ahead.

The ATM machine was unusually slow, probably it has virus; a sign I ignored due to desperation. I stayed and inserted the card deeper into it. Suddenly the machine went off and that was it; my card was swallowed. I had no cash and my fuel gauge was reading one bar. All efforts to get the security to get it removed proved abortive. Eventually, I was advised to go to my bank (Diamond Bank) to make a new request and that the ATM card will be destroyed.

I accepted my fate and blamed myself for going back to an old vomit. I was hoping Diamond bank will be nice to issue a new card without charging me but I was wrong. In Nigeria, nothing goes for nothing. I requested for a new card and I was charged accordingly.

Who can I report this to? Consumer Right Commission or Consumer Protection Commission? Why do citizens have to pay for the inefficiencies in the system? Why did I have to pay for the ineffectiveness of the bank’s ATM machine?

Please advise.

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  1. Boris Nwachukwu on

    well, the same thing happen to me here in UniPort some weeks ago. It always happen.

    Those bankers will tell you”is it not just 1000naira”.

    As for CPC, I can’t tell. I feel the only way to protect is to step banking with them.

    My thoughts.

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