15 ways you should invest your time in your 20s for long-term success


Don’t waste time, because that’s “the stuff life is made of.”

It was good advice when Ben Franklin said it, and it’s good advice now, no matter your age.

But your 20s are a particularly crucial time in life. Many call these the “formative” years, and the habits you form can carry you through the rest of your life.

So what’s the best way to spend this time?

We sifted through a number of Quora threads and TED talks to find out.

Work on important life skills

Work on important life skills
Reuters/Cheryl Ravelo

There are a number of life skills people need to master, and your 20s is the time to start practicing. Without the pressure of parents or school to motivate you, you’ll need to exercise discipline and motivate yourself to learn the essentials.

These skills can range from patience and dealing with rejection to living within your means and good table manners.

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