Apologies for My Statement in 2011; I will Not Contest in 2019


TeejayHappy New Year to you my Fellow countrymen, it was a very eventful year 2014 and we will continue to pray that 2015 brings good tidings to our economic and political stability as a country and as individuals.

Permit me to say a big thank you for the privilege and rare opportunity to have served this country in the past five years. In 2011, I was without shoes and yet you voted me in and entrusted the leadership of this country into my hands. You looked beyond political aggrandizement and voted for me because you believed in my abilities. In 2011, before the general elections, I promised you a lot of things and here I am revisiting those promises. It is my hope that by 2019, much of these promises would be further looked into and we will be justified for the efforts so far.

It is true that I promised not to re-contest by 2015. However, I want you to note that this is politics and only those who understand the rules can play it. It is never easy to relinquish power not even at this time that our country is prospering in wealth and mineral resources.


During my election campaign in 2011, I promised to make significant improvement in this very important sector of the economy. I also told you that if after four years there are no changes in this sector, then you shouldn’t bother to vote for me in the next election. I emphasized that four years is enough for anyone in power to fix this problem and if I can’t improve on power within this period, it then means I cannot do anything even if I am there for another four years.

At this juncture, I would like to crave your indulgence and not take me by my words. The terrain is as challenging as you can imagine. From about 4000MW, power has declined in the last four years to about 2000MW. Please don’t get me wrong here; it doesn’t mean that we have not been making efforts; it’s just that no matter how much we spent and how many committees we constitute, things are not just working out.


On security, I promised that all those involved in October 1 bombing had been arrested and brought to book. I also affirmed that if I am voted in, insecurity will be a thing of the past because we will equip our military to be able to fight terrorism to a halt. It’s not like I am giving excuses but I realized that most of my efforts at combating this menace are always foiled by the opposition. For example, a lot of noise was made when we sent $9.3m to South Africa through my Spiritual father’s private jet. I also requested for an additional $1billion which took almost a lifetime to get approval from the National Assembly. Today, Boko Haram is killing us like bush meat and yet the country keeps shouting my name. All these are some of the factors contributing to our collective failures.


As soon as I assumed in office, I rolled out plans which led to the establishment of eight universities. I also promised that these universities will be monitored to be specialist in their chosen areas of expertise. Like in other sectors, things have not been easy especially with preparations for 2015 elections. I think one thing we ought to have done instead of creating new universities was to equip the existing federal universities with up to date state of the art facilities. Again, no one is above mistakes and I take this as one of those inevitable mistakes. As you already know, it’s a must I win the forth coming presidential election, and to this end, all resources are being channeled toward achieving this feat. Which means for now, things will continue to remain as they are until my party wins the next elections at state and federal levels of governance.

General Elections in 2015

My fellow citizens, this is 2015 and a lot of things are already taking place. Firstly, we are preparing for the general elections and nothing in this life or after should hinder my ambition. Neither the cries of the abducted girls’ parents nor pains of the families of fallen soldiers should deter our collective votes. Friends and business associates already donated more than NGN21billion and as a country we will not want to waste such a huge amount. It is my expectation that you’ll vote me in as your president. I have learned from my past mistakes especially the wrong economic decisions and the persistent insurgencies.

Fellow citizens, I implore you to listen to your heart, get all out to receive your PVC and vote wisely.

I wish you all a glorious and blissful 2015.


PS: This piece is solely the opinion of the writer and not anyone else.

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